KDP exclusive or Go Wide – How to write your first ebook

KDP exclusive or go wideSo, you are the proud owner of a finished manuscript. The title rocks, the cover attracts every ounce of attention, and you have chosen (or not) an awesome pen name. Are you ready to publish your ebook?



Yes, but where can we do that?

If this is indeed your first self-published ebook, I will make it extremly easy for you: Amazon KDP. End of story. See you on the next post.

It is not that I am a big fan of Amazon, but objectively speaking they do have the largest market share in the US, the UK, Canada and Australia (around 80%). If you are writing in English (which I assume you are), it only makes sense to solely focus on this platform for your first ebook. So forget about the famous debate indie debate “KDP exclusive or go wide ?”.

KDP exclusive or go wide. How does it look income wise?

KDP exclusive or go wideStill to this day, 95% of my income comes from Amazon KDP, even though I published my ebooks on many aggregators (Draft2Digital, PublishDrive, Pronoun, StreetLib, etc.) that distribute them to all known digital book sellers.


Then again, I still did not take the time to promote them on other platforms but, then again who has the time…

KDP exclusive: Kindle limited

I asked myself after researching Amazon KDP self-publishing. Should I make it Kindle exclusive or not?

A kindle exclusive book can only be published on Amazon. You get a chance to cancel it once every 3 months.

If, like I advise you to do, you choose to focus on Amazon KDP, it only makes sense to make your ebook exclusive for at least the first 3 months. That way you benefit from the possibility to offer it for free and gain reviews, word of mouth, etc.

Moreover, your ebook will be listed in the “Kindle Unlimited” catalog, and people will get to browse it, read a few pages… all of which increase your book’s global rank.

True, you will lose potential dollars in the process, since you get much less royalties from people reading your ebook through “Kindle Unlimited” than from those who buy it. However, your job, as a unknown writer, is to get noticed, get “street cred”, word of mouth. It is not about the money… Yet.

This tactic effectively propulsed my first ebook and helped it gain wide attention.

My second ebook on the other hand, went unnoticed (you can read about it here) partly because I did not take advantage of the free promotion days..Sometimes greed can take you by the b*lls, and not let go…


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