Sell eBooks Online – The selfpublishing experience

In my previous post we talked about using Amazon KDP (along with Kindle Unlimited) to publish your ebook.

While this is ideal for the first three months of an ebook’s life, there comes a time when it is much more lucrative to diversify and target other platforms.

For instance, when you sell ebooks online using E-junkieyou get to keep all the commision :).

Sounds awesome right?

Sell ebook online – when and where?

The Kindle Unlimited program, though comes with the heavy chains of exclusivity, offers an undeniable advantage to all indie writers – especially newcommers: discoverability!

Thousands of Amazon susbcribers are browsing through the catalog and reading a few pages here, then a few more pages of there.

If you are lucky (and set an intriguing title and cover), one of these readers will pick up your ebook, tweet about it, share it on Facebook, etc.

However, I believe that once you establish enough “street cred”, you can start thinking about diversifying your publishing platforms. Amazon does not control all the ebook market after all,  especially in Europe and Asia.

So might as well take advantage of that and start thinking about Apple ibooks, Google Play, Tolino, and other big players.

But there is one easy platform you can set up right away with almost 0 fees: your website!

How to sell ebooks online

eBooks are after all digital books, so why can’t you offer them on your website?

If you did minimum marketing actions, you should have included your website’s link in your ebooks,  Amazon author platform, twitter account, etc. In theory then, you should have a dozen vistors a day at the very least.

That’s a dozen new readers to sell your ebook to! Moreover, you do not pay any comission since you are the one distributin the ebooks.

Well not technically true.

Though you can set up your own app to handle payment, delivery of the ebook, checking for fraud, etc. it is much much easier to just use an online shop to do the heavy lifting.

Enters E-junkie!

E-junkie: the best solution to sell ebooks online

E-junkie allows you to upload files on their platform, set up a retail price, then produces a link for you to copy-paste on your website.

sell ebooks online

Easy to use, $5 flat fee, instant payment to your paypal account… Done in 5 minutes exactly!

I uploaded my ebooks on E-junkie 6 months after publishing my first ebook. Back then, I had 4 ebooks published so I converted them to PDF files and posted the link on my blog – “Buy from author”, next to “Buy from Amazon”.

Afterwards, I created a box set offering three of the four books for a reduced price, around 20 euros.

To this day, this is the product that sells the most on my website.

I am not saying that the sales top off Amazon, but they do account for enough income to pay for ads, and hosting, etc. (around 200€), which is pretty nice, given that I did not really put any effort into it.

After the 3 months trial, I started paying a flat $5 commision to E-junkie, but as you can see, it is much worth it.

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