My personal feedback on the best passive income ideas

Some might say that it is a bad omen to start a blog with a rant post, but what can I say; I spent so much time googling the best passive income ideas that I feel I must give back something to the few wanderers who luckily end up on my website. Otherwise that’s toilet reading time I am never getting back!

More than a simple summary, I will actually share with you investment strategies I followed, right down to the number of dollars or euros I gained from each passive income idea. You will be quite surprised with the result. Of course this is my personal take on the subject. I do not expect everybody’s experience to be similar to mine. Do not hesitate to share your story in the comment section relative to each post.

I will update this list as I experiment with more ideas, but for now, here are the “allegedly” most famous passive income ideas you will find on the net:

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