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naming your ebookCongratulations, you sent a finished version to the editor. You are so happy that you want to pop the champagne and celebrate, but hold your horses for a minute. There is still work to do. A lot of it actually…(Ok you get to drink one glass, but that’s it 🙂 ). One very important (and sometimes) emotional step for you as a writer is naming your ebook.

Until now, we only had a working title, something to call the book by in case we explained the storyline to a friendly ear. The final title, should have a couple of key characteristics:

Naming your ebook with an SEO friendly title

Online platforms will match keywords entered by users against your title and subtitle. If the search query matches, your book has better chances of showing up first.

My book’s working title was : “How to Program like an Ace”.

It contains two important keywords “Program” and “how to”. Good, it conveys the main spirit of the book, but it skips over other important aspects: real life feedback, the programming language, the project-oriented approach, etc.

To convey these elements, I added the following subtitle: Follow a real life C# programming project from conception to execution.

It sums it up pretty well, and hits even more keywords!

Naming your ebook with an intriguing title

You book might show up in search results, but it does not mean users will pick it up. One way to force their hand is to write an endearing title. I always aim for something controversial, something that stirs up emotion in the reader: hate, love, contempt,.. I do not care which emotion really, I just want to light that fire inside so they click and check out the book.

If they buy it, good! If they do not. I still gained a click that Amazon will take into account when ranking my book.

I even got a 1 star review from a person complaining about the title. Did that hurt my sales? The opposite! I had 5 stars reviews, and a 1 star review so people naturally were curious about my book. Especially when the bad review only addressed the title and not the content.

Title example

I can only encourage you to choose a spicy title. I will not give you the exact title of my book, as I would like to keep my pen name separate from this blog. But it is something along the lines of :

Learn to Program like a Lazy Devil: Follow a real life C# programming project from conception to execution

And you know what, it sold thousands of copies 🙂


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