Designing ebook cover – How to write your first ebook

designing ebook coverSo, you have the perfect title. It is both endearing and filled with enhanced SEO keywords. Your book is being proofread by a freelance editor.



What’s the next step? Designing ebook cover of course!

Designing ebook cover

I have a working knowledge of photo editing and have been doing it for years now. Making a cover was something I was actually looking forward to.

I started by reading blog articles on what constitutes the best cover and had wide range of advices:

  • A cover must convey the spirit of the book in one glance
  • The cover must empower the title
  • It must convey enough information to replace the title

Looking back now, I can’t help thinking: “what a load of crap”…

Following these rules seemed to be a bit too complicated for my non-fiction programming book. So just I looked back at  some of my favorite non fiction books: Pitch Anything, The 48 laws of PowerFour Hour Work Week, The Origin of Consciousness …

They all have one thing in similar: the title is huge and fairly stands out! And that is the only rule that I followed ever since.

Designing ebook cover that gets noticed

After publishing 6 books, I can tell you with absolute certainty that the only purpose of a cover is to draw the reader’s attention while scrolling down on a website.

I realize that most people will rely on freelancers at Fiverr and FreeLancer to design their covers – as you should, if you are not an expert in photo editing.

Still, you should make sure that the cover you order follows these basic rules:

  • a BIG title in capital and thick letters. (Try fonts like Franklin Gothic Demi Cond)
  • The title must be the center of attention, not your name unless you are Dan Brown or Richard Dawkins…
  • The title must be readable at a 3% zoom. That is how big an ebook appears in the Amazon catalog
  • The subtitle must be readable at a 8% zoom. That is how big an ebook appears when clicked upon
  • The text must sharply contrast with the background (forget orange on yellow, red on orange, blue on violet, etc.)

For what it’s worth, here is a mock up version of the cover I designed for my first ebook. It encompasses everything we talked about in this post :

Designing ebook cover - cover example

ebook cover example


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