advertising ebooks with Quora for a gaining a wider audience

From a marketing perspective, Quora offers indie authors a priceless opportunity: Exposure!

Think about it, how many websites offer you the possibility to talk openly about your subject of expertise, without being limited to 140 characters, or being interrupted with juvenile comments (facebook).

I am not advocating spamming every question with 10 links to your ebooks however, that will hurt your reputation more than anything else really.

What I did for instance was create an account with my pen name. I put links to my ebooks in my bio, then set out to search for major questions related to computer programming. I was looking for questions with as many followers as possible, and to which I had legitimate answers, either covered in my books, or by simply sharing a feedback of some sort.

It does not matter if somebody else gave a similar answer, the idea is to simply speak your mind, reference your book in a subtle way: “as I explained in chapter 3 in book XX, the idea is to tackle the project…”, or “C# is a tricky language, it was so difficult to find a good programming book, that I just set out and wrote my own, and in the process I managed to actually learn a lot more about it, here are a couple of tips…”, etc.

If you answer is genuine and has real value, people will either go to your profile to know more about your and discover your books, or simply follow links you put in your answer.

Quora number of views

Number of views on Quora

You can see my number of views of a couple of answers I wrote. These are tiny figures of course compared to other indies who reach thousands of views, but again I am on a very niche subject, so I am happy that so many people get to associate my pen name with a subject of expertise.

This is huge for reputation!

To recap then,

  • Create a Bio with links to your ebooks
  • Answer questions on Quora related to your field of expertise
  • Give real answers/suggestions/advice/feedback. Do not spam!
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