Advertising ebooks with Twitter ads for a successful launch

advertising ebooksOf all the advertising ebooks services available (facebook, reddit, quora, amazon, etc.), I think Twitter ads is my second favorite (after Amazon of course).


Given the nature of my ebooks (programming), a Twitter audience is much more receptive than say Facebook, where people are expecting personal content.

Advertising ebooks: consistency, consistency,…

My Twitter strategy is pretty straightforward. I have a couple of ads continuously running on a fixed budget of $3 per day. Consistency is key here.
See, unlike some authors that blow out 100€ on a two day promotion campaign and enjoy a momentarily spike of sales, I, on the other hand, am looking for a sustainable consitent growth.
By running small budget ads all the time, people are always checking out my books, so their ranking is stable on Amazon (juggling in the top 15 in their categories).
A better ranking means more visibility, which in turns translates to more sales!

When starting from zero, timing is key

When I published my first ebook, I created a new Twitter account, set up a profile image, bio, etc. only to discover that I needed to wait a couple of weeks before launching an ads campaign with that account.
Take that into account if you want to precisely time the start of your campaign promotion.

Promoted tweets

I started following experts related to my field and retweeted almost each day. Later, I created a promoted tweet Web card that had a small teasing message, and an intreaguing image :

Advertising ebooks with twitter ads - Promoted tweet with webcard

advertising ebooks with a webcard tweet

Nothing fancy as you can see. All the heavy lifting was done during the title and cover design. This ad is still running today with amazing results:

Advertising ebooks with twitter ads - results of the month of october

Twitter campaign results in the month of october

A 9% click rate is outstanding. Only one of my three compaigns achieved this high number. I played with targeting a lot in the beginning until I could find my sweet spot: a list of countries interested in my field, plus some successful targeted keywords.

No secrets here to share folks, it all depends on your ebook subject. Give it plenty of tries, if you get less than 1% clicks, think about retargetting your ads: changing campaign keywords, only targeting some countries,  creating a more controversial image, etc.

It is hard to get factual numbers about how many clicks get converted to sales, but you can spot some trends. For instance, when people heavily retweet, or quote my books, my sales naturally burst for the day.
I pay roughly 150 euros per month for maintaining two/three promoted tweets featuring two/three different ebooks.

Other than responding to people commenting on my promoted tweets, or my books, I hardly use this Twitter account at all.
I don’t have the time (nor the envy actually) to post quotes all day long, retweet people, etc. so I just neglect this aspect for now.
Maybe I will come up with a script to automate this if I have time in the near future, but for now, it does what I need it to do: promote my ebooks 🙂


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