Advertising ebooks with Amazon ads for a successful launch

advertising ebooksToday I would like to share with you my feedback on advertising ebooks with Amazon ads.



I have not seen many factual posts about this type of ads so I would like to share with you actual numbers based on this current year’s performance.

First of all, let us go through the types of ads offered by Amazon:

Advertising ebooks – Sponsored products

You define keywords you want to target and Amazon advertise your ebook on the front page when people search for these keywords. It is somewhat similar to how Adwords works. You may choose to pay from10 to 75 cents per click, depending on how actively you want to “monopolize” the keyword. Every month you get billed accordingly.

Amazon sponsored product

Amazon sponsored product

This is the type of ads I have been using for close to 9 months to promote my ebooks.

Advertising ebooks – Headline search

Amazon will place a banner right under the search bar advertising your ebook (or any other product for that matter). You can even add a special logo and a creative punchline. For this type of ads, you also need to define keywords and pay on a per-click basis, except that the minimum budget is $100. Pretty steep if you are just testing the waters.

Advertising ebooks - Amazon ads search

Amazon ads search

Advertising ebooks – Product placement

Amazon will place a banner advertising your ebook on a right side box, inside a similar product’s description page. Say you decide to check out the earphones we saw earlier. If you scroll down the description page, you will notice the following:

Advertising ebooks - amazon product placement2

amazon product placement

You can choose successful products to target with your ads, or simply tell Amazon to target products with similar categories as yours.


But really, how well does it work?

So far, Sponsored products via Amazon ads are one of my favorite ways to advertise my ebooks. I have three ads that are continuously running with a per-day budget varying between $1 to $3:

Advertising ebooks - Sales numbers on Amazon ads

Sales numbers on Amazon ads

I spent a total of $703 ( paid monthly of course) on my ads but gained around $1615. That’s a 129% return in less than a year. This type of ads exceeded Twitter, Facebook, Quora, Reddit and Google altogether. It is understandable of course. We target people that are already on Amazon, probably planning to buy an item anyway. You just need an shiny cover and an endearing title to grab their attention. Hence the importance of knowing how to design the best cover and choose the perfect title. That’s why some of my books worked out better than others in the figure above.

My plans for the near future are to raise the daily budget of my mot successful campaigns and maybe try a headline search ad. I will cover this as soon as I get some proper feedback.


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